How To Tip Your Limo Driver

Many people understand that showing appreciation for great service is best served in the form of gratuity. The gray area comes about when trying to determine how much to tip. Recommended guidelines vary between 15 and 20 percent, but how much is right for you? There are a number of factors that should help influence exactly how much you tip your limo driver.

A Respectful Driver

The average limo driver isn't just a transportation expert; they are often people experts as well. Drivers can often tell the temperament of a passenger only a short period into the ride. Did the driver pick up on cues?

For instance, if you're reading a book and have made it clear by your body language that you'd rather read your book than to engage in conversation with the driver, did the driver respect your wishes or did they continue to engage with you, even with your clear frustration? A driver that picks up on your cues and respects them is something to be appreciated.

Above and Beyond

Did your driver perform a service that went above and beyond what's actually required? If so, a tip on the higher end of the spectrum is probably well deserved. Take a parent who is traveling with small children, for example. Say the passenger was having a difficult time getting their bags in the airport terminal while also trying to corral their children.

Drivers are generally only required to remove the passengers bags from the vehicle, not help them carry them inside the terminal. A driver that assists the obviously overwhelmed passenger inside, has gone above and beyond what is required.

Ease of Travel

Yes, drivers are paid to drive, day or night, good weather or bad weather, heavy traffic or no traffic at all. However, there's no harm in compensating a driver who may have had a bit of a challenge getting you to or from the airport on time and safely.

For example, do you have an early morning flight that departs at 5:00 in the morning, requiring you to get a limo service to LAX at 3:00am? If so, it's no harm in showing the driver how much you appreciate them making the early morning trek on your behalf. While not required, it is a good gesture to consider.  

Understand that there is no right or wrong way to tip your limo driver. It's all about you; however, the tips above can help you get started.