Three Ways To Be A Good Help When Asked To Assist A Friend Loading A Car Onto A Hauler

Renting a car hauler to transport a vehicle across the city for storage or across the state on a vacation is a cost-effective way to get a vehicle from Point A to Point B. If you're around a friend, neighbor or family member who is getting ready to load his or her vehicle in this manner, you might find yourself being asked to lend a hand. Typically, the vehicle owner will be behind the wheel, while his or her assistant will stand in front of the vehicle and help with the loading process. If you haven't ever had to perform this task, here are three ways to be helpful and ensure that the job gets done safely.

Know The Right Place To Stand

When the other person gets into his or her vehicle that's parked behind the car hauler, it's time for you to take your position. It might seem to make sense to stand directly between the car hauler and the back of the vehicle to which it's attached so that you'll be visible to the driver, do not stand in this area. A mistake by the driver could send his or her vehicle over the front edge of the hauler and harm you. Instead, stand equidistant between the hauler and the towing vehicle but off to the driver's side. You'll be able to effectively communicate with the driver from this position without being potentially in harm's way.

Bring Your Hands Together

When loading a vehicle onto a car hauler, the driver has to proceed until the vehicle's front wheels make contact with the tire stops. To correctly reach this position, the driver will rely heavily upon you. Don't simply motion forward and yell "stop" when the tires reach the stops; this provides little value. Instead, hold your hands up in front of your face with your palms facing each other and position them according to the remaining distance the driver has to travel. Continue bringing your hands together until they touch at the same time that the driver's front tires touch the stops.

Perform A Circle Check Before The Driver Climbs Out

You can ensure the driver's safety by performing a quick circle check before the driver climbs out. Take a walk around the hauler and ensure that each of the vehicle's four tires are centered on the hauler deck. If the vehicle isn't straight, get the driver to back down and try again. This circle check is also an ideal time to check that the tire straps are squarely beneath the front tires; if they've become twisted during the loading process, ask the driver to back off the hauler so you can reposition the straps.