Securing Your Cargo: Three Ways To Make Sure Your Items Stay In Place

Cargo trailers offer a great way to haul inventory, tools or equipment, but keeping your items from moving around the trailer can be tricky. Fortunately, there are some modifications you can make to ensure your items don't get damaged while in transit. Use these ideas to help secure your cargo.

Cargo Netting

Cargo netting can be placed along the walls of your trailer to keep boxes secure. This option lets you line the walls of the cargo trailer with boxes, leaving an aisle in the middle. This aisle space gives you access to all your cargo, so you can retrieve boxes from the back without having to take everything out of the trailer. You can also place netting along the ceiling to hold tools or equipment so it doesn't take up space in your cargo area.


Shelving added to the walls of the trailer can help with keeping tools and equipment organized. To keep everything on the shelves, there should be a lip that extends upward on each shelf. This will prevent items from slipping forward. Make sure that the shelves are closed on the ends, and consider adding cargo netting over the shelves for added protection. Your shelving units should be bolted or anchored to the interior walls of the cargo trailer to prevent them from tipping over. You can also add corner shelving that bolts directly onto the walls for space-saving storage.

Steel Cages

Steel cages are excellent for storing construction or landscaping equipment and tools. They can be bolted down to the floor of the trailer to keep your items from sliding around. You can use zip ties to attach items, such as lawnmowers or chainsaws, to the wires of each cage. This helps to keep everything organized and to prevent your equipment in place during transit. Steel cages can also be used to organize packages of inventory for easy access during deliveries. Each cage can be assigned to a particular type of product or to a vendor so you can find items that need to be delivered.

You can purchase cargo trailers with some of these options already installed, or you can take steps to modify an empty trailer to meet your unique needs. Consider all of the different items you will use your cargo trailer for so you can find the right storage and organization solutions. Some options, such as cargo nets, can be easily removed to accommodate larger cargo, while more permanent solutions may not give you as much flexibility for your cargo. Choosing the right options will ensure you always have the room you need while keeping your items safe during transit.