4 Tips To Follow When Going On A Wine Tour

Going on a wine tour is a great way to celebrate a milestone birthday, spend a nice anniversary weekend, or to get out of town with a group of your friends. If this is your first wine tour or you are not familiar with the proper methods for wine tasting, these tips can help.

Get Transportation

When you are planning on going on a wine tour, the first thing to keep in mind is that you want to have your transportation lined up. Don't assume you will be able to drive on your own or that you can bring along a friend who will be the designated driver. This can really keep you and your party from enjoying the tour. Instead, arrange to have a driver bring you along the tour, such as by getting a limo or town car for your group. Another option is to get a bus you can rent for the wine tour, which is good when you plan on having a larger group. Limos are good as many limousine transportation companies already have packages in place for local wine tours.

Choose More Intimate Wineries

Many people want to visit the biggest and most elaborate wineries in their area, but that isn't always the best option. While a wine tour can still include some of the more popular and well-known wineries, don't forget about the small places. These wineries are often more casual and intimate, allowing you more time to really talk to the people who own or work at the winery. You won't have to deal with quite as many people and might have more time for wine tasting and touring the vineyards.

Figure Out How to Get Your Wine Home

When going on a wine tour, you are bound to buy some new bottles or cases of wine. If you only intend to buy a few bottles, you should bring along a sturdy box or crate that will keep the bottles safe during your trip back home. However, if you buy more than that, you might be able to get it shipped home. Many wineries offer this service, so it is a good idea to ask the wineries you visit if they offer a shipping option. If you are going on a tour that is a long distance from home and the limo or bus is already full, you can visit a local shipping place that will get the bottles home for you.

Learn How to Taste Wine Properly

While you don't need to be a wine connoisseur to go on a wine tour, it is a good idea to learn at least the basics of tasting wine. This will help you truly judge the ones you try and decide which varieties to purchase and bring home. Start with a blank palate, so don't taste wine shortly after having a meal. Take a look at its appearance first, looking at it from different angles. Give it a swish in the glass, which not only lets you see the colour of the wine, but allows some of its aromas to waft up toward your nose. Take a small whiff of the smell, then give it a taste. You can choose whether you want to spit it out or swallow the wine. This is often a personal preference during wine tasting.