Choosing The Right Transportation For Your Big Family Reunion

When you have a large extended family, planning a big family reunion can be quite the occasion and endeavor. One of the many decisions that you will have to make in the process of planning your family reunion is how you will all get there, especially if it is a reunion that lasts several days and is a vacation and reunion rolled into one. Get to know some of the transportation options that you can choose to get to your big family reunion and make sure to get your chosen means of transportation booked as soon as possible.

Rent SUVs or Vans

One of the ways that you can make sure to get everyone to the big family reunion is to rent several SUVs or vans as a group. SUVs on average will hold anywhere from 4 to 8 passengers depending on the make and model. However, SUVs with a third row of seats will limit your cargo space for luggage and may begin to feel quite cramped and crowded, especially if you seat 3 people across the second and third rows of seats.

Passenger vans, on the other hand, are designed to be a bit more spacious and accommodating. They provide ample cargo space while also seating anywhere from 9 to 15 people. The seats are also designed to be more comfortable for all passengers and some of these vans even come with built-in mini-TV screens to watch videos and in-vehicle WIFI and satellite TV services. This can make a relatively long trip fly by much faster than it would otherwise, particularly if you are traveling with children in the vehicle. 

Rent A Motor Coach

If you would rather not rent several separate vehicles and caravan to your family reunion destination, then you may want to consider having the entire group chip in on a motor coach rental. A motor coach is also often referred to as a bus, but is a bus that is extremely comfortable and accommodating. Unlike school buses or the like, these buses have restrooms built into the bus, seats designed for comfort on long travels, and may even have kitchenettes and sleeping accommodations.

Depending on the type of motor coach you rent, you can enjoy entertainment from big screen televisions, games or other activities at built-in tables, WIFI services, and other luxury services. There are models that provide basic services and other luxury motor coach rentals that have full kitchens, multiple televisions, and lounge areas, and the like. Whichever you choose, you can accommodate 25 or more passengers (plus the driver) comfortably and easily.

Now that you know a few of the options available to you for transportation to your large family reunion, you can get to booking your vehicle and have a family reunion that you will never forget.

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