4 Tips For Choosing Wedding Transportation

Wedding transportation is definitely necessary to consider if your wedding venue is difficult to get you. You may also want to consider wedding transportation for the wedding party so that you are all able to stick together throughout the day. Here are four tips for choosing wedding transportation:

  1. Book Early: As soon as you know where your wedding location will be and the time and date of the ceremony, you should book the wedding transportation that you will need. This is especially important if your wedding is going to be during the busy wedding season, which is usually during the spring season. 
  2. Choose Transportation That Matches the Theme: You don't have to stick with a limo for wedding transportation. If you want your wedding party to have a good time, consider renting a party bus where everyone can move around more easily and spend time with each other on their way to the venue. This is especially beneficial if your wedding location is farther away. Since the ride will be long, it allows everyone to have more room to stretch out. If you are going with a rustic theme, you can even choose the wedding transportation to be old, classic cars or even an old school bus. Whatever the case, getting creative with your transportation will ensure that it looks great in pictures. 
  3. Think About Your Guests: On top of considering wedding transportation for your wedding party, yourself, and the groom, you want to think about how your guests will be getting to the venue. If the venue doesn't have enough parking for your guests, consider renting a shuttle that can transport your guests from their hotel or a designated parking lot to the wedding location. Choose a shuttle that is going to be able to hold as many people as possible if you will be using this for all guests that are attending. If you only have out-of-town guests that you want to accommodate for, you can rent a small shuttle that is able to take them from their hotel to the venue. 
  4. Request to Decorate: To make the transportation services more personal, ask the company if you are able to decorate at all. This includes stretching a banner across the vehicle that says "just married" or that has your name on it so that guests know this transportation is for your wedding. 

When you consider these four tips for choosing wedding transportation, you can be sure that you choose transportation that is best for you, your guests, and your wedding party. 

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