3 Fun Modes Of Wedding Transportation

Your wedding day is your special day, so it is important that you arrive to your wedding, and also leave your wedding, in style. Rather than just driving your or your spouse's regular car, you can make it more fun for both of you by renting a vehicle for your wedding transportation. There are several different kinds of transportation that you can choose from, and having someone to drive for you can allow you and your spouse to enjoy each other's company even more because you don't have to worry about watching the road. This article will discuss 3 fun modes of wedding transportation. 


A classic mode of transportation for your wedding is going to be a limo. A limo is perfect if you really want to arrive at, and also leave, your wedding or wedding reception in style. You can get a special limo that is white, since it is your wedding day after all, or you can go with the classic black. The larger the limo, the more you can fit inside, which is great if you want your wedding party to travel in the limo with you. The interior of the limo will likely have special items inside for you on your wedding day. This can include drinks, food, a television, a great sound system, and more. These extras can make you and your spouse feel even more like a prince and a princess on your wedding day and can make the whole experience even more magical. 

Horse Drawn Carriage

A very classic and very memorable way to arrive at and leave your wedding is going to be a horse drawn carriage. The carriage that the horse is pulling is going to be a classic style of carriage that is most likely white in color, with a classic carpeted interior. You can either have the top up or the top down on the carriage, making it versatile for any kind of weather. The horses pulling the carriage are majestic and are often white in color. This creates the perfect fairytale for you and your spouse on your wedding day. 

Classic Bug Convertible 

A simple and fun vehicle to rent for your wedding day is a classic bug convertible. This is perfect for a wedding on a summer day that is warm and sunny. There is just something fun about riding around in a little bug, and having the top down will let everyone see that you are about to get married, or just got married. You can also have the entire vehicle decked out with decorations, such as flowers, writing on the car, cans pulled behind the car, and more, to let others know that you were just married. 

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