Starting A Trucking Company And Looking For Work? Places To Look For Jobs

Starting your own straight trucking company to transport goods is not as easy as it seems. You can advertise all you want to get customers, but the fact remains that you will never get as much work as you would if you hustle to find customers who will give you steady work. The following will help get you started and keep your business going when random individual customers are not as plentiful nor as helpful at keeping your fledgling trucking company afloat.

​Load Board for Straight Trucks

Load boards are excellent places for new trucking companies and freelance truckers to find work. Every posting is a customer looking to hire a truck and driver to move something somewhere. You can respond to the posts once you have established an account.

If the customer agrees to pay your rates, you drive a truck to the pick-up location, pick up the load, drive it to the drop-off location, get a document that shows that the drop-off location has received the load and accepted it from there, and then present that document to the customer who posted the job. The customer then pays you for the job completed. You may need to do several of these jobs to keep your company afloat until you have a steady stream of customers and shipping partners. Additionally, you can accept direct offers from customers that check out your profile on the load boards, and you can skip or refuse any work that does not appeal to you.

Freelance a Bit

Some fledgling trucking companies freelance a bit. They may offer their services to several of the bigger competitors as a means of reducing the burden of the loads those companies have to deal with. This temporary venture works best during the holiday season, when most other shippers are having very tough time of getting packages shipped faster and on time to the recipients and customers.

​Find Job Leads

Job leads come from sitting in a chair and calling dozens of local businesses to see if the businesses need a shipping partner. On really slow days, you are going to be spending a lot of time calling up businesses and asking them if they need the services of a trucking company. Drumming up business this way may seem tedious and pointless at first, but ultimately, it will help you get the number of customers you need to succeed.

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