3 Interesting Properties Of Triethylene Glycol

Well-known in the transportation industry for its ability to dehydrate moisture from oil and gas, triethylene glycol (TEG) is one of those materials that may not get a lot of attention from consumers. Nevertheless, this material is highly valuable for its many properties and has many applications. If you are just starting to get to know TEG, you will find it interesting to see some of its more unique properties. 

TEG is odorless and colorless. 

If you were to hold a container of TEG near your nose, you probably wouldn't smell a thing. TEG does not have a strong odor like some of the other types of ethyl alcohols out there. Instead, it is pretty much completely odorless and doesn't really have much of an odor that would cause problems during usage. Likewise, TEG is also colorless. Even though the material can be tinted a certain color for commercial usage purposes, this is an uncommon thing as dyes used to tint the material can change its chemical composition and affect how it would react in certain applications. 

TEG has a really high boiling point. 

It is oftentimes important for fluid to have a high boiling point, specifically when it is used in the oil and gas industry. TEG has a boiling point of 286.5 degrees Celsius, which makes it pretty capable of withstanding exposure to high levels of heat while it is being used. The viscosity of TEG is partially to thank for the high boiling point.

TEG offers a high viscosity. 

TEG is a highly viscous fluid, which means it is easier to use and transport and control it. In certain applications, such as in the oil and gas industry, this high viscosity is important because the material will not mix readily with things like oils, but it will help to strip out water from gas to dehydrate it properly. It can also be assumed that this high viscosity also contributes to the temperature-holding capabilities of the material. 

TEG is a mild disinfectant. 

One of the most surprising attributes of TEG is that it can actually thwart certain types of bacteria, fungi, and viruses. It is for this reason that TEG can oftentimes be found in certain aerosol products that people use to disinfect surfaces and the air. Since TEG is colorless and odorless and relatively safe environmentally, it is a good disinfectant option for inclusion in a variety of products. 

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