4 Things You Need To Know About Shipping A Vehicle From The U.S. To Canada

If you are moving from the United States to Canada, you may not necessarily want to drive your vehicle all the way. When you are handling the logistics of a move, it can often help to be able to ship one or more of your vehicles via a cross border auto transport service.

Check Recall Lists 

First, you can't ship a vehicle into Canada from the United States if the vehicle is part of any safety recalls. You can check this by contacting the manufacturer or dealership where you purchased your vehicle and give them your vehicle identification number. They can check and make sure that your vehicle isn't on any recall list. If it is on a recall list, you are going to need to sell the vehicle instead of transporting the vehicle with you to Canada. 

Confirm Warranty Coverage

Second, you are going to want to contact your car manufacturer if your vehicle is still under warranty. See if your manufacturer will allow your warranty to apply when you cross the border. You don't want to rely on a warranty that you can't use once you ship the car from the United States to Canada. 

Check Emission & Safety Standards 

Third, you need to check and see what the emission and safety standards are for a vehicle of the age that your vehicle is. The United States and Canada do not have the same emission and safety standards. Sometimes, those standards are stricter, and sometimes they are less so. If the standards are stricter, you are going to need to make improvements to the safety devices offered on your vehicle and improve the vehicle emissions of the vehicle before you prepare to ship it across the border.  

Register Your Vehicle 

Fourth, you need to make sure you register your vehicle in Canada before you transport it to Canada. Your vehicle registration in the United States is not enough; it needs to be transported with the Canadian Registrar of Imported Vehicles before it can be brought into Canada via a vehicle transport. 

If you are moving and need to transport one or more of your vehicles from the United States to Canada, you need to make sure your vehicle isn't on a recall list, confirm your vehicle is still covered by its warranty, make sure your vehicle meets Canadian safety and emission standards, and register your vehicle in Canada. Once you do all of those things, your vehicle will really be ready to transport.