3 Reasons To Work With A Freight Broker

Shipping and transportation can be major roadblocks for smaller companies. Product must be moved from warehouses to retail outlets in order to turn a profit. Arranging transportation for these products is something many small business owners haven't done in the past.

Transportation rules and regulations can impact shipments, so working with an experienced freight broker is often the best way to ensure the safe delivery of your goods.

1. Access to Reliable Carriers

You entrust your valued products in the hands of a driver whenever you arrange for transportation. This means that the quality of the drivers you partner with can have a direct impact on the integrity of your products when they arrive at retail outlets. A freight broker typically has access to the most reliable drivers. Freight brokers can thoroughly vet each carrier that they work with to ensure only the most experienced and skilled drivers are employed for each transportation run. You can rely on this vetting process to ensure your products are in the hands of a quality driver during transport.

2. Access to Timely Deliveries

Truck drivers are in high demand, and many carriers experience driver shortages on a regular basis. These shortages can make it difficult to source a carrier capable of handling the volume of product you need shipped at any given time. Freight brokers work hard to maintain a large network of reliable carriers. This network can benefit your small business by offering access to timely deliveries. Your shipments may be split among several carriers, with a freight broker orchestrating each delivery.

You will be able to avoid late deliveries when you choose to let a transportation broker book each shipment leaving your warehouse.

3. Access to Affordable Shipping Rates

Keeping costs down is important for most small businesses. You may think that paying for the services of a freight broker is an unnecessary expense, but it is actually an expense that could save you a significant amount of money over time. Freight brokers have the ability to call for bids from the many carriers in their network each time you need a shipment delivered to your retail partners. This bidding process will result in the lowest possible shipping rates, which will help you keep the cost of your business operations low.

The money you save on shipping by working with a freight broker can be dedicated elsewhere to help grow your business in the future. Contact a transportation brokerage for more information.