Do You Need An Overweight Vehicle Permit? Here Are 3 Questions To Ask Before Applying

In the regular freight process, you first need to find a suitable vehicle with the capacity to carry your load from the source to the destination. However, in certain situations, you might have a load that is too tall, wide, or heavy for regular trucks. Luckily, you can get an overweight permit for these extra-large loads from the transportation department. 

However, it is vital to understand the laws and requirements you need to meet when applying for the permit. Below are three questions you should ask before making the application: 

1. Do You Need a Permit?

One of the fundamental questions you need to ask yourself is whether you need to get the permit. First, check the federal government's outlines about the loads considered as standard size and oversize. If your vehicle and cargo exceed the stated load limits, you can apply for a permit. Remember to ask an expert about your state's specific regulations and any state that you will traverse when transporting the load.

Identifying the number and type of permits required for the goods substantially simplifies the transportation process. It will also help you avoid getting into trouble and being fined by the authorities.

2. What Do You Do When You Are Going Through Many States?

It is important to note that if you are traversing more than one state, you will need a different permit for every state. It is also good to know that the online communication systems in these states are not linked. That means you will have to get permits from the individual states. 

The good thing is that you can complete the state application process online, and since you'll be giving nearly the same information, it will be relatively easy.

3. How Will You Get the Permit After Application?

Another essential thing to understand before commencing the process is the permit collection point. If your application gets approved, you should pick the permit up from the local transportation authorities. If it doesn't, they will ask for additional information in case of inadequacies in the application. An initial rejection does not mean that you cannot try again. Speak to an expert to help you do things better and have your application accepted. 

Getting the answers to these questions will enable you to take the right steps when making your permit applications. Get a transportation expert to help you make the application if you are unsure of doing it on your own.