Port Canaveral Transportation Options

If you will be taking a cruise out of Port Canaveral, you will need to determine which mode of transportation you will use to get you to the assigned area where you will be departing from. A shuttle, a taxi, or a private passenger vehicle may accommodate your travel plans. 

A Shuttle

If you don't live near Port Canaveral, you may have decided to fly into the area a day or so before your cruise begins. A shuttle service can pick you up at the airport and transport you to the hotel that you will be staying at for the night. Some shuttles may offer multiple pickup and dropoff options. This type of service may feature a flat rate that will involve providing services on both the day of your arrival and on the day that you will be leaving on your cruise.

If you purchase a shuttle ticket that will provide you with transport services on consecutive days, you may be eligible to be dropped off at your hotel on the first day of your vacation and be picked up by the shuttle on the following morning. Since shuttles are a popular form of transportation in Port Canaveral, your driver will likely be accustomed to driving their patrons to the locations where cruise ships will be leaving from.

A Taxi

A taxi service will likely be more pricey than a shuttle. The fee that you will be charged will reflect how far you will need to travel. If you request that your driver stops at multiple points of interest and you would like your driver to wait on you, you can expect to pay a high taxi bill. If your main objective is to get to the port that you will be leaving from, you may be able to keep your taxi bill at a reasonable rate. A taxi should be reserved in advance because taxi services are provided on a first-come, first-served basis.

A Private Passenger Vehicle

If you will be driving your own vehicle, you will need to locate a parking garage to keep your vehicle in. A parking garage may offer long-term or short-term parking. If you hire a private driver who provides transport services, you may be charged a rate that is based upon the mileage that you will be traveling and the amount of luggage that you will be bringing along with you. Interviewing several personal drivers may be necessary. This process can be used to perform a transport cost comparison.

Reach out to a Port Canaveral transportation company for more information.